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A suite of web and mobile apps that makes lifestyle management easy, effective and enjoyable – combining tracking, IWM, graphic console control and social sharing capabilities.

  • myLiveLight is the digital hub that makes managing a healthy lifestyle easy, effective and enjoyable
  • Employs a combination of cloud based web services and mobile apps
  • Free to register
  • Track your weight, calorie intake and activity through your mobile device
  • See instant results and track achievements over time with easy to understand graphics
  • Expand the capabilities of your equipment console by connecting your mobile device
  • Enjoy enhanced graphic console control or let your workout stats compile in the background while you enjoy the universe of digital entertainment – and check back on your workout at any point
  • myLiveLight works in conjunction with IWM to automatically deliver optimised workout programmes to your enabled fitness equipment – based upon your age, height, current weight, recent food intake and tracked activity
  • Facebook integration allows you to share achievements and encouragement with friends
  • myLiveLight is a dynamic ecosystem that will grow and develop over time bringing added functionality to users