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Anti-Gravity Muscle Trainer
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Yowza Fitness Advanced and Patented Technologies




The Yowza Fitness GravityGym is the next BIG thing in home gym equipment. The GravityGym not only will help you achieve a total body workout, but it will change your life. With the GravityGym you get three dynamic training styles in one: Gymnastic, Resistance and Weightlifting.


Unlike other home gym machines, GravityGym allows you to adjust your weight, giving you the ability to do more repetitions than you ever thought possible. Dial in your gravity range of 20% to 90% of your body weight using the Gravity (power adjustment) switch. This allows you to focus more on getting the proper form, which is more important than the amount of weight you lift, and the repetitions needed to build strength and challenge the body. Simply step on the Gravity platform to begin, notice how the platform uses your weight to add resistance to your workout. To end your workout simply let go of all foam grips, make sure they are hanging freely, flip the locking safety lever, and grab the stationary handlebars (if needed) and step off. The Gravity platform will automatically lock itself once all grips are disengaged and the platform itself is at the bottom position; make sure to use the locking safety lever.


Durable steel construction, nitrogen filled gravity cylinders, sealed bearings and a safety locking mechanism provide you with a home gym machine that will last a lifetime. Also included is an industry leading 7 year frame, 3 years parts (including electronics) and 1 year in-home labor warranty.


Fitness should be fun and easy, and with the Yowza Fitness GravityGym you can put the fun back into your workouts while achieving life-changing results.



    • Adjust Between 20% & 90% Of Your Body Weight
    • Power Adjustable Gravity Switch
    • Self Locking Platform Locks When All Grips Released
    • Nitrogen Filled Gravity Assist Cylinders For Extra Durability
    • 25+ Exercises That Work Your Entire Body
    • 330lb Weight Capacity
    • Best Warranty In The Industry


    Deck Non-Slip Durable Surface
    Transport Wheels No
    Water Bottle Holder None
    Unit Dimensions 48"L x 48"W x 74" to 90"H (Depending On Need)
    Unit Weight 210
    Shipping Dimensions 48"L x 31"W x 29"H
    Shipping Weight 320
    Frame Powder-Coated Commercial Grade Steel
    Resistance System Adjust Between 20%-90% Of Your Weight
    Maximum User Weight 330
    Power Supply DC12v 1.25A adapter fits regular home 110V outlet
    Warranty 7 Years On Frame, 3 Years On Parts & Electronics, 1 Year In-Home Labor


    Over 25+ Exercises To Target Every Muscle In Your Body:

    • Triangle Tricep Extension
    • Iron Cross
    • Pullup
    • Wide Grip Pullup
    • Chinup
    • Pistol Squat
    • Squat
    • Chest Fly
    • Wide Chest Press
    • Chest Press
    • Wide Shoulder Pulldowns
    • Narrow Shoulder Pulldowns
    • Standing One Legged Press
    • Standing Ab Crunch
    • Crossover Pulldowns
    • X-Fly Squater
    • Twist Squat
    • And More....