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SureFit Pedals

Pivoting pedals that flex back and forth with each stride – delivering a natural foot movement to make crosstrainer workouts more comfortable and easy on your joints.

  • Standard crosstrainers have pedals fixed in the horizontal position.
  • This causes unnecessary strain on leg joints, as they have to compensate for the lack of natural movement.
  • Surefit™ pedals are bio-mechanically superior, flexing back and forth with each stride – allowing your feet to move naturally as you exercise.
  • The pedals rest on cushioned buffers, acting as shock absorbers and reducing the impact of each step.
  • Ergofit™ pedals also benefit from additional gel inserts for extra cushioning
  • The result is a much more comfortable crosstrainer workout
  • This allows you to increase the duration and intensity of your exercise program without inflicting as much stress on your body
  • You can push yourself to succeed, achieving your fitness goals even faster.