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SURE Variable Incline

Benefit from powered and ramp-less incline adjustment on your crosstrainer – dynamically variable from 0-60% – so you can increase workout intensity with reduced risk of joint stress injury.

  • Traditional crosstrainers have their flywheel at the front so you need to press down on the pedals, like on a bike, to make the machine rotate – causing stress to your leg joints
  • Workout intensity was varied using ramps and rollers that were noisy and prone to getting clogged with dust and dirt
  • Swing Up Reactive Elliptical (SURE) technology is another of our patented crosstrainer innovations. This utilises a roller-less, rear-drive system that silently propels your workout forward
  • This allows you to exercise with a biomechanically correct knee-lifting motion – more like walking or running – with a significant reduction in joint stress
  • SURE technology also allows you to vary the intensity of your workout dynamically – so you don’t have to stop while you make your exercise easier or more challenging – brilliant for effective interval training
  • Your workout intensity is controlled by the amount of incline you add to your stride – from 0% that simulates a gentle stroll, all the way up to the hurdling motion of a 50-60% incline
  • So you can push yourself in ways you never thought possible with unmatched levels of quiet, joint-protecting comfort – even at the highest levels of intensity
  • It also means that the whole family can benefit from using the same machine – tailoring the incline intensity to match their levels of fitness and mobility