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Yowza Fitness Promotion

Motion Control

Hands-free, dynamic speed adjustment makes controlling the pace of a treadmill workout safer and more enjoyable.

  • A common complaint from treadmill users is that changing the speed during a workout is difficult
  • Focusing on a small console button while reaching forward often makes runners feel unstable and off-balance
  • Our patented Motion Control allows you to change speed without touching your treadmill or even changing your running position
  • To increase speed, simply move your hand over the sensor conveniently located in the right grab rail – to slow down, move your hand over the sensor to your left
  • For more rapid changes in speed, simply hold your hand stationary over the appropriate sensor
  • To slow the the treadmill down to a comfortable stop, move your hands over both sensors simultaneously
  • A clearly audible beep signals that the sensor has registered your input – and the sounds are different for speeding up or slowing down
  • Controlling the pace of your workout has never been so comfortable and easy