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Yowza Fitness Promotion


Patented rotating handlebars that help to deliver a full-body CV workout while targeting core muscle groups to achieve those desirable, firm and toned abs.

Introducing Cardio-Core Motion

  • Toned abs is high on the list of desired outcomes from exercise
  • CardioCore ellipticals deliver invigorating full-body CV workouts and help to sculpt those desirably defined abs
  • Unique, patented technology – not available from any other manufacturer
  • Counter-rotational handlebars offer biomechanically correct movement
  • Natural, comfortable and fluid motion
  • Effectively targets internal and external oblique’s, rectus abdominus and serratus anterior muscle groups
  • High repetition, low resistance – feel your muscles working without excessive soreness the next day
  • CardioCore machines awarded 5-Star Best Buy Winners in three product categories by Elliptical Machine Reviews
  • Yowza’s most popular products worldwide